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Jacksonville’s Lift and Suspension Experts

With decades of industry experience on our site, we are confident we can handle any leveling kit job we are presented with at American Custom Truck Shop. Our experienced truck and Jeep technicians are ready to help you achieve the massive lift and suspension you’ve been dreaming of. We will custom-fit your vehicle with a top-quality lift kit and suspension products. We’ll treat your truck as if it were our own throughout our professional installation services. Anyone looking for a trustworthy custom truck shop to handle their lift kit or suspension project should stop by our Jacksonville shop today

red truck with new leveling kits

Achieve Top Performance With Our Truck Lift Services

Suspension is one of our primary focuses and specialties at American Custom Truck Shop. Not only do we install new suspensions, but we can also replace broken or worn-out parts on your stock or lifted vehicle. With the lifted suspension, you can rest assured that your vehicle will never graze the ground during your off-roading excursions or heavy towing jobs.

Explore the Benefits of Our Industry-Leading Lift Kits

Our truck experts are proud to provide you with both exceptional installation services and products from one of the top manufacturers in the country. When you upgrade your truck with a lift kit, you’ll experience the following benefits:

  • Custom Appearance
  • Improved Road Visibility
  • Greater Articulation
  • Easy Access for Under Body Repairs
  • Increased Space for Large Tires and Wheels
  • Higher Ground Clearance
  • Enhanced Overall Performance

Contact Us Today for Top-Quality Truck Lift Kit Installation

With American Custom Truck Shop’s team of experienced technicians, you can finally achieve the custom truck or Jeep you have always wanted. Don’t hesitate to let us know the details about the lift kit and suspension upgrades you’ve been dreaming of adding to your vehicle. We’ll make it happen because you deserve the best when it comes to your truck.

Stop by Our Jacksonville Shop Today for Your Ideal Custom Truck Repairs